Sunday, October 9, 2011

Group Costumes - Mario Bros.

What do you get when you use a hot glue gun, dissassembled goodwill stuffed animals, and an old pampazan chair? 

Here's how we did it:

First we hit our own closet, Goodwill and Salvation Army for the basics:  two pairs of overalls, turtle necks in white, yellow, red and green, one pink formal, two pair brown work boots, two pair of white gloves, one pair of long white formal gloves, one teal formal (whoops! I picked up purple instead of teal and my oldest son almost didn't let me go b/c Rosalina wears teal, not purple -- but the sleeves were right, dear!), a pink shirt with puffy sleeves, a fusia satin blouse, a blue microfeece vest, a studded belt and a green sheet.  Oh, and a bright orange stuffed octopus to be dissassembled and the top of a pampazan chair.

Then we hit our craft suppy closet and the craft store: blue and gold glitter, black felt, gold felt, yellow card stock, cardboard, gold spray paint, fake gems, and hot glue gun and sticks.

We did buy two blonde wigs at a costume shop. (I'm not so cheap that I wear second hand wigs.)

The day before I bought a helium balloon.

Here's how we assembled each ensemble:
ROSALINA:  My costume was the easiest.  I found a flowing formal (which should have been teal, I know) and carried a balloon with a painted on star. 

BOWSER: We covered an old pampazan chair with a green sheet, then trimmed it in a white sheet. (No sewing, just hotglue.) Then, we made paper cones and taped them on. We saved two of the cones for the headpiece to serve as horns. Next, we added straps to wear the shell like a back pack. For the body, he wore a yellow turtle neck and made "a ripped chest" out of another section cut out of the white sheet. My husband drew the lines on the "chest" and taped it to the yellow shirt. Next, we cut up the studded belt into three sections. One for his collar and two for his biceps.

  Next, we dissassembled the poor stuffed octopus.  We pasted his tentacles on a strip of cardboard and cut another strip of fur to make the eyebrows my husband taped to his forehead. Finally, we hotglued the strip of cardboard to a headband and taped the horns next to it. Bowser: complete!

MARIO and LUIGI: Both boys got overalls, brown work boots, white gloves and turtle nexts.  Next, using felt and (somtimes) hot glue, we fashioned hats,mustaches, and yellow "buttons" for the overalls. (Note: don't bother with felt mustaches. Eyeliner was the better option.)Voila!  

 TOADSTOOL: Our neighbor and her daughter accompanied us once more this year. She made her costume. She used jeans and a white turtle neck. Then she took a blue microfleece jacket and trimmed it in gold felt.  Then, she took a portion of the white sheet and fashioned the "mushroom" hat. She stuffed it with newspaper and hotglued on red felt spots.

PRINCESS PEACH: For this costume, we used the bottom portion of a prom dress. We added a pink blouse with pu,ffy sleeves. Then we took a fusia satin blouse in a large size and used the material to make a sash and bustle. (It's always cheaper to buy a shirt to cut up at Goodwill than it is to buy fabric, especially if you find a good large size.) Of course, we also bought a wig and she found long white gloves at Salvation Army.  We made her neckpiece out of cardboard used glitterglue.
For her crown, we cut out cardstock and taped it into a circle. Then we spray painted it gold and hot glued gems to the outside. We then pinned the crown onto her wig. Finally, she added the white gloves, white dress shoes, and a flower from the toybox.
Hope you enjoyed!

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