Monday, April 25, 2011

Taxi, please!

We're a one car family. We have been for almost fourteen years.  Recently, our schedules changed in a way that we were suddenly bumming rides in the evening and becoming a pest. Since the schedule change was a long-term but temporary one (just for this year) we discussed getting a second car. We even saved for a month with that in mind. However, one of our neighbors suggested the bus or the taxi. Our bus route was out of the question because it only runs in the day time  Mon-Fri and our schedule conflicts were in the evening. At first I thought the taxi service would not work either, but when I called on rates I realized that the times I needed the taxi would only cost me about $10 (including tip).  Since one of our friends has been gracious enough to pick up the eldest for Boyscouts, I only needed additional rides about twice a month ($20).  This would make a grand total of $120 (six month estimate since we only needed it when school was in session.) When we compared the $120 to what we would need to pay for a car (beater: $1000), licensing ($40), inspection($12), insurance($30 add to policy), oil changes ($15/three months), repairs(who knows?), tires, etc. Possibly we could sell or trade in the car and get our $1000 back eventually, but the maintenance alone put us over the $120. We decided to take a cab instead of buy the second car. Since we made the decision, we also realized that we'd over estimated how much the cab would cost us and how many times we needed it. Though it's a bit humbling since we live in a city where nobody takes a cab unless they've lost their license, I still hold my head up high because I know I'm spending money wisely but not pestering my friends too much.

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